Additional Services

If you already have the website of your dreams, whether MWG made it for you or not, she can offer you other related services to help your business be all it can be.

The below services are things every business needs to lend to its success, however it's impossible for them to wear a standard price tag since each scenario will be incredibly unique. When you contact MWG to discuss your business needs she will customize a quote for you based only on the work to be done.



Struggling to find the right words?  

MWG has a knack for turning her "gift of gab" into an "aptitude for authoring". Maybe you already have a website that you love, but you need some exciting new content or a rewrite of what's already there. Perhaps you need 

a press release written about 

important changes to your business.


Rank Consultation


This isn't for MWG to physically do your SEO (search engine optimization) work for you or a promise you will be #1 on Google by next week.  Be leery of anyone who does, because that's nearly impossible.

MWG can provide you with tips and advice that will bolster your website ranking on search engines and  will help you to understand it.


Email Marketing

email marketing

Are you staying in touch with your customers after that first interaction? Are you working to retain their business? Do they know when you are running specials or referring you to others? This is all accomplished by email marketing. Beautifully designed, well-written newsletters will go a very long way in turning a customer from "one & done" to "ride or die".




Do you need photos of your office, staff or products to put on your website or printed material? As we all know "a picture speaks 1,000 words" and the better the photos on your site, the longer the attention span of your reader. MWG is not a photographer by trade so there isn't a studio, props or fancy lighting, but she does have an eye for what looks great online.  


Video Clip Ads


Bring attention to your company on social media sites with a great video clip like the one you can see by clicking the image above. Most clips would be pre-made with models and the music choices are limited only to what's licensed, but the selection is HUGE! I am a reseller for my client Widdy Vids, the wittiest video crew around.


Social Media Set Up


Soc-Med (pronounced Soshe Meed) as the cool kids call it, is the way now and you'd be silly not to take advantage of the free publicity that comes from friends and family sharing your information with all of their contacts. It literally multiplies many times over and you reach far more people. It creates a seamless virtual avenue that leads to your business.


Additional Business Services

It's All About Branding

MWG has also partnered with EZPZ Printing Service to offer you HUGE discounts on all of your printing needs.  Seriously, we mean ALL of your needs.  

  • Business Cards
  • Letterhead
  • Flyers
  • Postcards
  • Rack Cards
  • Labels
  • Banners
  • Car Magnets
  • Tee Shirts

EZPZ Printing Service has beaten Vista Print every time we have compared.


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