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Wicked Truth Clothing

Created with the idea that everyone deserves to express themselves  through fashion. We are a family owned and operated company located in beautiful Gilbert, Arizona.  

"What a great and positive  experience we had with My Website Girl. Beth was informative, very  communicative and we absolutely loved the the finished product.  Would  highly recommend!" 

Sean Talamantes



Kwest Esthetics

Featuring LED Light Therapy and Topical Light Infusion Therapy, Kate West is your go-to guru for all things skincare.

Choose My Website Girl!

"I interviewed several people and chose Beth to design my website. She listened to me and worked with me to create the website of my dreams. I feel confident if I have any questions in the future she’s there to help me. I like that it is set up for me to manage, post and design. If you’re looking for a nicely put together website and a designer who will work with you and listen to you choose My Website Girl."

Kate West



Waggintails Ranch

Located in Snowflake, AZ raising puppies that are healthy, beautiful and most of all affordable!


I love My Website Girl!

"She found my classified ad online when she was searching for a puppy for a friend. She saw one of our babies and fell in love. She contacted me and sent the deposit, but then in a very friendly way, asked if I was happy with my site which is very old and outdated, not to mention slow. It's still live because I'm so attached to it (lol) so check it out and you'll see why it needed a facelift at the very least ) I told her I didn't need a new site (secretly, I knew I did, but I don't like change), however I could use some other "IT" help, like accessing my old Google listing to update photos.  

Well, the day she came to pick up her puppy, after 3 weeks of us emailing back and forth, she ended up spending the entire day with me showing some things that would really help me improve my overall online presence, and she got me into that old Google account that I had been trying to figure out how to access for years!  I was so happy with how smart, friendly and helpful she was, that I decided to let her do the new site and I love it!  I live in the White Mountains and internet speed is an issue, so she even keeps it updated for me.

If you need a site, need someone who won't talk over your head and won't take forever to get the work done, you HAVE to let Beth be YOUR website girl, too!"

Sally Baldwin



Relative Guru

A service that will help you trace your ancestry for a low hourly rate.


She Really Gets It!

"I have been doing genealogy for more than 3 decades and I have become quite good at it.  My husband has been nudging to me to make it a business for several years, but I just didn't know where to start. I'm pretty technically inclined and if I put my mind to it, I could probably build a website, but I listened when Beth spoke about the many pitfalls business owners wind up finding because it's not just picking colors and photos.  There is a lot to know about doing it the right way to make it effective and while things might sometimes look simple, it doesn't mean they really are.  I also understand the old adage of not throwing good money after bad.  I decided to hand over the reins and I am so impressed with the result!

My site is exactly how I envisioned it! It does what I need it to do and serves my business model very well. Beth gets it.  She really gets it!"

Stephanie Mulvey, Owner

Relative Guru


Rider Gifts

A site for ride share drivers to share with their passengers in order to receive discounts from other companies. (Fun Fact: Its not just for ride share passengers so you can also take advantage of the offers on this site. You're welcome.) 


Perfect Experience!

"Beth listened to my concept and understood it perfectly! I couldn't have asked for better service to make my site a reality and without it  costing me a fortune.  She was just as her site says; "fast, friendly and affordable". My passengers sometimes visit the site as soon as I give them my business card using their smart phone and the site looks as  amazing in that format as it does from a computer.  They always tell me they love my site and the idea of thanking them with some discounts on stuff they would probably buy anyway!  By the way, check out my site  because you can also take advantage of the savings from my partner sites without being my passenger.  :-) Listen, if you need a site, you really should contact MY WEBSITE GIRL!"


Widdy Vids

A great way to promote your company with video ad clips that are great for social media advertising.


Funny chick...knows her stuff!

"What happens when you pair the Kings of Fun with the Queen of the Pun? A lot of cracking up, but amazingly creative results!

My Website Girl fills a niche between the poor lost soul trying to build a website (which usually ends up not looking very good) on his own in order to save money and the custom coding nerd who builds sites in complicated ways for thousands of dollars, basically holding it hostage then for eternity. I was that poor lost soul who tried to save, but was never going to be that guy who spends thousands on a website.

Enter My Website Girl who quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively saved the day. We love  our website and working with Beth was more fun than I can even explain.  She really is very good at what she does. And while I wasn't great at building the site, I am an ace at keeping it updated and making edits, thanks to the guidance I got from My Website Girl, aka Site Slay Queen."

The Weird Dudes at


Journey With Grace

A no cost senior referral service.


Exceeded My Expectations

"Beth  made building our website look like a breeze.  She never once made me  feel that I had too many questions.  Any ideas that I had, she would  expand on them to make them better.  Her hard work, patience and  professionalism far exceeded my expectations.  


I am so pleased that I chose Beth to build my website and recommend her to anyone that is looking to get their name on the web!"  

Diane Hearne, Owner

Journey With Grace


A Caring Manor

Residential care home located in Queen Creek, AZ.


SO easy!

"Beth  made us an awesome website and then showed how to access it, to  update  it, and personally streamline it to keep it accurate, informative and  up to date. I never knew it was so easy!  Thanks again Beth! "

- Jim Dudley

A Caring Manor


Safety On Site Training

On site First Aid, CPR and OSHA training. 

(currently undergoing a business restructure so website not active)


My Website Girl Is Better Than Your Website Girl!

"I  have known Beth for more than a decade. When my business was at the  precipice of enormous growth in 2007, she was my "go-to girl" for  website work and many other things that helped me navigate the growth  much easier. I secured the Arizona State contract for AED distribution  and Beth wrote numerous, very powerful press releases that drove a great  deal of traffic to the site she had designed for me.

She  had my site set up so that people could sign up and pay for First  Aid/CPR classes, order the necessary books or other accessories, reserve  enough spots for their entire staff to take the class, which would then  tell me how any CPR mannequins were needed since my business model was  to go teach the class at their business site. It ran like a well oiled  machine!

I  am currently restructuring and have gone more toward OSHA training than  CPR so the site isn't in use at the moment, but when it fires back up, I  will definitely be calling on Beth's talent once again."

Michelle Lang, Owner

Safety On Site Training