My Website Girl Is Better Than Your Website Girl

I have known Beth for more than a decade. When my business was at the precipice of enormous growth in 2007, she was my "go-to girl" for website work and many other things that helped me navigate the growth much easier. I secured the Arizona State contract for AED distribution and Beth wrote numerous, very powerful press releases that drove a great deal of traffic to the site she had designed for me.

She had my site set up so that people could sign up and pay for First Aid/CPR classes, order the necessary books or other accessories, reserve enough spots for their entire staff to take the class, which would then tell me how any CPR mannequins were needed since my business model was to go teach the class at their business site. It ran like a well oiled machine!

I am currently restructuring and have gone more toward OSHA training than CPR so the site isn't in use at the moment, but when it fires back up, I will definitely be calling on Beth's talent once again.

Michelle Lang, Owner

Safety On Site Training