Funny chick...knows her stuff!

What happens when you pair the Kings of Fun with the Queen of the Pun? A lot of cracking up, but amazingly creative results!

My Website Girl fills a niche between the poor lost soul trying to build a website (which usually ends up not looking very good) on his own in order to save money and the custom coding nerd who builds sites in complicated ways for thousands of dollars, basically holding it hostage then for eternity. I was that poor lost soul who tried to save, but was never going to be that guy who spends thousands on a website.

Enter My Website Girl who quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively saved the day. We love our website and working with Beth was more fun than I can even explain. She really is very good at what she does. And while I wasn't great at building the site, I am an ace at keeping it updated and making edits, thanks to the guidance I got from My Website Girl, aka Site Slay Queen.

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